“King farm”: the network has ridiculed the owner of the LADA Vesta for the “useful” revision

A motorist revealed how he made the slits in the plastic engine compartment cover to its edges are not damaged hoses. However, not all Internet users have seen this “life hack”.

«Король колхоза»: В сети высмеяли владельца LADA Vesta за «полезную» доработку

Russian motorists know, “AVTOVAZ” began to sell their cars without the plastic protection of the motor. Many of the buyers of domestic cars alone not buy this accessory.

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«Король колхоза»: В сети высмеяли владельца LADA Vesta за «полезную» доработку

Interior light will not go off: the Owners of LADA Granta FL found a way to fix the “cant” of “AVTOVAZ”

Not so long ago the owners of the updated LADA Granta FL complained to network problems with the wiring, now motorists have found a way to fix it.

Trying to save money, the owner of the LADA Vesta took cover Priora 2 because it is worth 1 000, 2 000 and not, as in the case of an item for “West”. However, as it turned out, this cover does not quite fit. Its edges even damaged groove that protects the hoses.

The owner found a way to solve the problem: he outlined with chalk the places where the trim interferes, and cut the plastic with a knife, and then grind the edges with a file. Many motorists do not understand why it was necessary to pay 1000 roubles for the cover on the motor, then to spoil, and mocked the owner for a “useful” improvement.

“The problems created for himself only install this cover”, “King farm”, “I had this cover when the car is being fixed it is constantly in the way, I’m throwing it out wanted. And you money to pay for it,” write commentators on the network.

Got from the haters and the LADA Vesta, which was called a “bucket” and also advised “to process a file”.