Kiselyov threw his own family: it smacks of Putin

Киселева бросила собственная семья: попахивает Путиным

Surfaced details family drama the Kremlin mouthpiece Dmitry Kiselyov, which clearly demonstrate that not all family members of the promoter share his selfless loyalty to Putin.

Киселева бросила собственная семья: попахивает Путиным

This became known from an interview with the advocate journalist Yuri Dude.

As it turned out, the brother Kiseleva lives in the United States, is a citizen of this country and does not love Russia, and his nephew – the son of that brother is sitting in jail in Germany because he fought for Pro-Russian terrorist group “DNR”.

Киселева бросила собственная семья: попахивает Путиным

The promoter told me that his older brother Andrei from the Soviet era has promoted the Red Cross in Switzerland, where he worked for more than eight years. When Andrey Kiselev returned home, the Soviet Union had collapsed. After that the brother of the promoter has worked in Africa, and then received a “green card” and moved to the United States, where she started to work in the health care system. Now the man lives in Aurora, Colorado.

“We, unfortunately, did not communicate. Our relationship is broken, not my fault. I tried to write letters, but it is configured, that is to say, against Russia, unfortunately”, – said Kiselyov, adding that the last time he saw his older brother in 2005.

Киселева бросила собственная семья: попахивает Путиным

Nephew Kiselev Sergey is a citizen of Germany. He fought on the side of the militants “DNR” and is now serving time in a German prison.

“He told me that he is Russian, and will go to war. He killed the platoon commander, he took the command on himself… then he went to the monastery, became a monk on mount Athos. Then went somewhere in Bulgaria according to monastic Affairs, and Bulgarians, he was arrested and sent to Germany. He is now in jail for a very poor article – terrorism, weapons and so on,” – said Dmitry Kiselev.

Киселева бросила собственная семья: попахивает Путиным

Thriller “LDNR”

The promoter noted that he did not know, did his job to the nephew’s decision to go to war in the Donbass. However, he added that if one of his sons decided to go to war for “DNR”, he would not let go.

We will remind, Royal city court of Moscow region supported the claim of the architect of the Crimea against the controversial Russian TV host and propagandist Dmitry Kiselev.

As reported previously Know.ia, shocking, funny and strange videos from the famous propagandist Dmitry Kiselev appeared on the network.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that well-known TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva was very popular on the main mouthpiece of the Kremlin’s ambitions “the First channel”.

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