Kiss against the demon: the pastor was performing an exorcism by a new method, video

Поцелуй против демона: пастор проводил обряд экзорцизма новым методом, видео

In the Internet appeared the video of the rite of exorcism. Interestingly, during the ceremony local passport just kissed a woman, to drive out demons.

The corresponding video was published by another Twitter user the eyewitness Raymond of Majongwe.

The incident occurred in Zimbabwe. The video shows how pastor approached the woman in a pink dress, said something to her and then grabbed his head and began to kiss passionately on the lips. While the kiss was long. The pastor was also swaying along with the woman from side to side.

After the first “session” he slightly stepped back, shook hands, said something and went back to kiss a woman. This time the kiss was even longer. So the Minister of the Church was expelled from the female demon. All the action was observed by the parishioners.

The pastor at work. Halloweuiy, “wrote the author of the video.

We note that recently in the network appeared interesting video. There are a lot of girls in bathing suits running from the wild kangaroo. It is known that the incident occurred in the Australian city of Helensvale, Queensland. At that time in one of the estates of the city held shooting in which took part swimsuit models. On the set of “granted” and a kangaroo.

The video shows that flight were saved from the animal at least six girls in a bikini. One of them managed to jump into the pool. The other two had intended to go after her, but the approach of the animal forced them to change their plans. In the background is seen as an active kangaroo jumps erratically behind them.

We will remind, the Divine man: Horny pop raped eight parishioners, and they are happy.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” in the Ternopil region is unknown made napad on the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The attackers came into the Church through the window in the altar.

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