Klaritia: how a low-carb diet provoke the arrhythmia

Кеторитмия: как низкоуглеводные диеты провоцируют аритмию

Fashionable among celebrities low carbohydrate diets increase the risk of arrhythmia.

A team of scientists from sun Yat-sen University, based on his research, stated that the lack of carbohydrates causes irregular heartbeat, writes the Daily Mail.

In the study, the experts analyzed the medical records of nearly 14,000 people in 20 years.

Кеторитмия: как низкоуглеводные диеты провоцируют аритмию

Food pyramid cattily

This is the first and largest work in assessing the relationship between carbohydrate consumption and atrial fibrillation is the most common disturbance of heart rhythm.

Of the nearly 14,000 people who did not have atrial fibrillation at the time of enrollment in the study, scientists have identified nearly 1,900 people who subsequently were diagnosed during the 22 years of observation.

Study participants completed questionnaires and reported on the possible daily consumption of 66 different foods in the questionnaire.

The researchers used this information, together with the Harvard database of nutrients to estimate the daily intake of carbohydrates each participant and the proportion of daily calories coming from carbohydrates.

Кеторитмия: как низкоуглеводные диеты провоцируют аритмию

How does kettiya

On average, carbohydrates accounted for about half of calories consumed. Nutrition guidelines for Americans recommends that carbohydrates ranged from 45 to 65 % of total daily calorie intake.

The researchers then divided the participants into three groups representing low, moderate and high consumption of carbohydrates, reflecting the diet, where carbohydrates accounted for less than 44,8 % of their daily calories from 44,8 % to 52.4 % of calories, and over, 52.4% of calories, respectively.

Participants who reported low intake of carbohydrates are more likely to suffer from atrial fibrillation. The probability of the development of their disorder was 18% higher than people with a moderate consumption of carbohydrates and 16 percent higher than people with a high intake of carbohydrates.

There are several possible explanations as to why the restriction of carbohydrates can lead to irregular heartbeat.

First, people who hold cattily or low-carb diet typically consume fewer vegetables, fruits and grains — foods that lower inflammation.

Another possible explanation is that eating more protein and fat may lead to oxidative stress, which is also associated with atrial fibrillation.

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Recall what diet is right for you.

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