Known propagandist of Putin suddenly died, had a special style

Известный пропагандист Путина внезапно умер: имел особый стиль

Russian journalist Yuri Kuchinsky passed away. It is known that the man worked for propaganda TV channel NTV.

This became known thanks to the message from the place of work of the correspondent.

“He was great, always recognizable personal style stories. Yuri like no one could reveal and show unexpected angle, even the most banal subject. Over the years, for many of us it has become not just a colleague but also a friend,” ― said in the message channel.

Известный пропагандист Путина внезапно умер: имел особый стиль

Yuri Kuchinsky

According to TV channel, Yuri Kuchinsky died in the Russian capital. He did not live to see his birthday just a week. On February 12 he would have turned 43 years old.

It is worth Recalling that Safiyeva she became known all over the country at the end of last year. Then she announced her pregnancy with Philip Kirkorov. The woman was under a lot of stress when it turned out that it wasn’t true. Now it became known that a fan of the artist died.

In November 2018 Safiyeva Svetlana came to the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, stating that she is pregnant with triplets from Philip Kirkorov, and demonstrating enormous belly. Only later it was learned that 52-year-old woman suffers from a rare syndrome of false pregnancy. Fan pop king sincerely believed that she will become a mother, and therefore the disappointment from the truth was too strong.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the tragic death of Russian singer 35-year-old Cyril Tolmatskogo “Decl”, the fans found shocking details. In particular, the doctors tried to revive him – made a lot of mistakes. The video, which attempted to resuscitate the performer, raises a number of questions to physicians.

Recall, died a famous TV presenter and announcer: his voice recognized by millions.

As reported Znayu, died a famous comedian: he was called one of the funniest people in the world.

Also Znayu wrote, the man fell from the window of St. Sophia Cathedral: the doctors are fighting for his life.

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