Kokorin and Mamaev extended the term of arrest

Players for the first time in a long time was found during the trial.

Кокорину и Мамаеву продлили срок ареста

Not so long ago has made noise story featuring Kokorin and Mamaev, after which they were arrested. In this incident, the players have beaten a few people. For the past few months is a trial in their case. During the investigation and before sentencing, the players remained in jail.

On December 5 held a hearing, during which the players met for the first time after his arrest. Also the meeting was attended by the wife of Mamayev, who has decided to support a loved one. In the course of the hearing that a decision was made players. The court decided to satisfy the petition of a consequence and has prolonged term of stay of players in jail until February 8. The lawyer for the players says that this measure is wrong and wants of the players released.