Komorowski spoke about the main problem in the Ukrainian kindergartens

Комаровский рассказал о главной проблеме в украинских садиках

Known in Ukraine, a pediatrician Eugene Komorowski also known as the presenter of the program “Dr. Komarovsky’s School”. In addition, the physician is still an active user of social networks, which also provides helpful tips for parents regarding children. For example, on his page in Instagram the doctor frequently answers questions that relate to children. In the new edition of the rubrics Dr. Komarovskiy answered the question about the problem of bad air in the Ukrainian kindergartens.

Question: I Have just a “cry of soul”. In order to tell. My twins attend public kindergarten, sanatorium group for children with respiratory diseases. But the situation with the air in here is just catastrophic. During the heating season the temperature is 26-28 degrees, humidity 25%. Walk in the street every day. Of course, children get sick so very often. Attendance at best 50%. On average, in my experience, go 30% in our group. I want your help in drawing attention to this issue. Perhaps in an article, television, the appeal — whatever you like! Specifically for kindergartens. While it is for our people no matter our children will be subjected to conditions that do not meet their physical needs.

Комаровский рассказал о главной проблеме в украинских садиках

Answer: Nothing surprising in the situation you described there. This theme I’m doing the last 20 years so sure: talking about it, writing appeal… so far to no avail. But the problem is, by and large, that 99% of our citizens do not consider the problem of warm and dry air, and the main difficulty is that among those 99% are heads of kindergartens and officials from district departments of education. That is, they do not care at all. So the air temperature in the kindergarten is not the one which is according to sanitary standards established by the state, and one that I think good parents, teachers, and organizers of the regional offices of education.

Комаровский рассказал о главной проблеме в украинских садиках

In theory the local station level, or rather her representatives, had to go to the kindergarten, to fix the temperature above 23 degrees and humidity below 40 percent, and then to fine or even close a child’s garden until, until there will not provide normal conditions for stay of children. But, unfortunately, it does not bother anyone. If in the garden it will be cold, then all instances parents will be swamped with letters, and if it will be warm, then all will arrange everything.

In General, it’s all me already repeatedly described, but the answer to your question we will post again. Perhaps to someone will reach that is important, and someone else will tear off your ass off the couch and engaged in the provision of optimal conditions for normal life and health of children,” wrote the doctor.

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