Konstantin Meladze told about finding artists for the show “the Voice”

The composer assured that your artist feels, and hears.

Константин Меладзе поведал о поиске артистов на шоу «Голос»

Life behind the scenes of some programs makes the audience a lot of questions. Also a great interesting is the show “the Voice.” Recently Konstantin Meladze decided to tell, how goes the research of artists on the project. The composer also explained why he decided to become one of the coaches. According to the composer, it is the desire of the earth – to look at candidates, choose the most talented, and to watch and listen to new music and vocal direction. He says the show has already become a planetary scale, with applications for participation in the competition come from all over the world.

Note that the team of composer is also international, as there is already an Italian, and a resident of the United States. In addition, Konstantin Meladze announced that the talent the contestants need to hear and feel. If this happens, the hand mentor, she reaches for the button.

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