Korea joined with China for the sake of ecology: in the course are artificial rains

Корея объединилась с Китаем ради экологии: в ход идут искусственные дожди

South Korean scientists have developed a project of creation of artificial rain, which will help to cope with the growing air pollution in Seoul.

It was presented to the President moon Jae-In and has offered to team up with China to combat growing environmental problems, writes the Daily Mail.

Experts attribute the high level of harmful substances with a mass industrial activity of China and the exhaust gases of the South Korean cars.

Корея объединилась с Китаем ради экологии: в ход идут искусственные дожди

And South Korea, and China suffer from air pollution

The concentration of fine dust in South Korea has reached new highs over the last week. Residents had to wear masks during trips under a thick grey sky. According to the National Institute of environmental research in Seoul at 16 PM local time, the concentration of fine dust was 136 micrograms per cubic meter. The organization says that levels above 75 micrograms per cubic meter “very bad.”

The ruling and opposition parties held an emergency meeting and agreed to promptly take the bills to solve this problem.

The leader of the country said that China “has made significant progress in this direction” than South Korea and expressed hope that the creation of artificial rain over the Yellow sea between the two countries will help to reduce air pollution.

Корея объединилась с Китаем ради экологии: в ход идут искусственные дожди

The President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In and President of the PRC XI Jinping

President moon Jae-In also proposed that South Korea and China to develop a joint system for air pollution.

He also instructed the officials to speed up the closure of those working more than 30 years coal-fired power plants and, if necessary, to make supplementary budget for the installation in schools more purifiers and support possible joint action with China.

We will remind, unfavorable ecological situation affects many aspects of health and can lead to various problems: from asthma to premature birth.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” American engineers have invented filters that are inserted into nose and protect the body from polluted air.

Also “Znayu” wrote that researchers have identified a gene that may be associated with the development of schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders.

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