“Koreans in the coffin?”: The pros and cons of Geely Atlas announced blogger

Recently Geely Atlas often appears in reviews of different autoblogger, many of whom never tire of praising him. However obzorschik, removing channel Stereo Drive found in the machine you can criticize.

«Корейцы в гроб?»: Плюсы и минусы Geely Atlas озвучил блогер

Miscalculation of designers blogger found the location of the side mirrors, visibility of which would be better. The expert advised the owners of the model not to travel without protection bottoms, as for the crossover ground clearance is small.

Poor vehicle handling. Obzorschik sure that the problem is that the stabilization system set up like “the eye” and poor regular rubber.

In General, this car gives the impression of a “normal China”, but to shout that Korean producers time to go to the grave too early. To trim were used leather and plastic material of good quality, only padding the helm a bit rough. Rear is very spacious, but the deflector to control the air flow direction is only one.

Under the hood Geely Atlas can be a copy of or 1AZFE 2AZFE motor from Toyota. Both engines, according to obzorschika, “vegetable”, but uneconomical. In the summer in traffic jams fuel consumption can reach up to 15 litres. This is too large a figure for the 148-strong unit enabling the machine to accelerate to 100 km/h in 13.5 C.

For Geely Atlas set 6-speed automatic transmission, which had previously had to “run” on SsangYong. Craving constantly transmitted to the front axle, and in the case of wheelspin, the system will use the rear wheels.

«Корейцы в гроб?»: Плюсы и минусы Geely Atlas озвучил блогер

The main advantage of Geely Atlas obzorschik called smoothness. According to him, this “Koreans” should learn from Geely.