Kravets of “95 Quarter” originally supported Zelensky: ze! mummy returns

Кравец из "Квартала 95" оригинально поддержала Зеленского: Зе! мамочка возвращается

Elena Kravets, star of the Studio “Kvartal 95”

42-year-old Kravets tried incredible translucent evening gown. The only actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz struck by the luxurious look.

Stylist Olga Slone published in Instagram photo Stories in the company of Helena. The star of the project “Women’s Quarter” pictured here in a Frank brilliant outfit with a different hairdo.

42-year-old Kravets tried on a translucent evening dress with Swarovski crystals from the Ukrainian brand Gasanova (designer Elvira Hasanova). In a new revealing image of the artist does not know.

Кравец из "Квартала 95" оригинально поддержала Зеленского: Зе! мамочка возвращается

It is worth noting that Elena and her husband are raising three children. Also recently it became known that Kravets returns to the “League of laughter”.

Her appearance was striking: a bright dress of green:

Кравец из "Квартала 95" оригинально поддержала Зеленского: Зе! мамочка возвращается

Your way Kravets added tights in a grid, the choker on the neck and bright colored sandals. It is worth noting that a vivid image is very beneficial to stressed figure Kravets, demonstrating her perfect slender legs.

Earlier, we wrote that Elena Kravetz with “Quarter 95” leaked compromising Vladimir Zelensky: didn’t expect one!

The portal previously Know.Eeyore wrote that Alena Kravets charmed stylish way to “League of laughter”: the most charming and attractive

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote about the fact that Elena Kravetz told the whole truth about Zelensky.

The one and only woman in the Studio “Kvartal 95” in an interview openly talked about the relationship with the band’s leader Vladimir Zelensky.

“First, I think he never changed himself and his principles and what he believes. And if he already believes in something, probably, there are ways to overcome obstacles, walk through thorns,” – said Yelena Kravets.

The actress described the personal qualities and attitude to the principles of education Zelensky.

According to Elena Kravets art Director of “Kvartal 95” in a difficult moment can support, and if necessary to arrange a debriefing.

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