“Lada”-pickup truck: Rare serial VAZ won the network

The domestic auto industry boasts little-known machines, and one of them showed the blogger.

«Жигули»-пикап: Редчайший серийный ВАЗ покорил сеть

The expert demonstrated “the Zhiguli”-the pickup truck. Rare serial VAZ won the network, because the cars in this format, the domestic auto industry is almost not produced. We are talking about the model VAZ 21043-33. This car was on the conveyor from 1984 to 2012. The front of the machine repeats the VAZ-2105, but behind it received a cargo platform. The dimensions of the vehicle remained the same as the sedan (4115х1620х1443 mm). Clearance is 170 mm.

VAZ 21043-33 done quite roughly. The car has even left traces in the rear doors. However, this machine does not qualify for the title of “beauty”, and was made exclusively as a small truck. The interior of the truck is identical to the interior of the usual “Five”. At the same time, VAZ 21043-33 stripped back row, as his place was taken by part of the loading platform. Because of this the driver’s seat can not move back, but because the car is uncomfortable for tall people. Moves the model VAZ 21043-33 quite familiar to the Russian motorists inline 4-cylinder motor 77 HP According to the blogger, the load capacity of the truck is “two men and 300 kg, but it shipped and more.”«Жигули»-пикап: Редчайший серийный ВАЗ покорил сеть

The audience of the blogger appreciated his story, dedicated to the unknown “Zhiguli”-a pickup truck. Many users liked the car, and they said that rarely, but still seen her on the roads of Russia.