Lady Gaga can get an Oscar for the film “a Star is born” – the media

Critics and fans were delighted with the acting skills of the singer Lady Gaga.

Леди Гага может получить «Оскар» за фильм «Звезда родилась» - СМИ

The American media has informed that the Committee experienced film award “Oscar” seriously considering the candidacy of the 32-year-old Lady Gaga to receive the coveted award, which can only dream of all the actors. Singer may get a Golden statue thanks to a brilliantly executed the role of singer and waitress Ellie in the movie “a Star is born”.

Леди Гага может получить «Оскар» за фильм «Звезда родилась» - СМИ

It should be noted that the musical-drama has already received the highest ratings from American and international critics. For this reason, the painting itself in 2019 also applies to “Oscar” in the nomination “the Best film of the year.” We will remind that this year the best film was called “the Shape of water” directed by Guillermo del Toro.

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