Late for a flight, the passenger stopped the plane on the runway

An unusual incident occurred at the airport Vnukovo.

Опоздавший на рейс пассажир остановил самолет на взлетно-посадочной полосеOne of the passengers missed the flight of the airline “Victory”. Undaunted, the man with the suitcase ran out onto the runway and stopped gaining speed the aircraft path with his body. Fortunately, the pilots reacted in time and applying the emergency brake, managed to avoid casualties. The technique, however, also was not injured.

Needless to say, that the hapless passenger never flew. First he was detained by airport security, then handed over to the police. Now law enforcement agencies will have to examine all the circumstances of the accident, in order to assess the damage caused to the airline and to designate the amount of the fine.

A similar case occurred in September in Dublin when a passenger who is late to the gate, long wrangled with the staff of the airport, bashed in the Windows, trying to draw attention to themselves, and then broke down the door and ran out onto the runway. Skipper was detained by the police.