Lazarev can not go to Eurovision: dramatically thinner and “dull”

Лазарев может не поехать на Евровидение: резко худеет и "тупеет"

Russian singer Sergey Lazarev this year will represent Russia at the international song contest “Eurovision”. About it the actor said on his Instagram. Now there is active preparation for the competition. From Lazarev are just waiting for the first place. It is evident that the singer is a major drain.

The fact that this is the second attempt of his participation in the contest, and the last time victory was literally the singer in the hands, but the jury in 2016, has decided to support the participant from Ukraine Jamal. Fans expect Lazarev repeat his incredible success that puts before the artist high level. However, judging by the last post of artist in Instagram Sergey lost weight and started doing a strange error.

Лазарев может не поехать на Евровидение: резко худеет и "тупеет"

In the last post, the singer has several reasons for concern, and the first alarming sign is how much thinner Lazarev in such a short period. Last month during a vacation in Miami Lazarev boasted full of vitality pumped body. It is necessary to compare a photo of him a month ago with the present, to see the difference.

Лазарев может не поехать на Евровидение: резко худеет и "тупеет"

This is hardly a coincidence, because right now the singer is preparing its incredible dance number for the competition, and also continues its concert activity. Busy schedule so “sucked” the life force of the singer that in the last post in the social network, he made a logical error: “the premiere of a new television show on TV”, where “television” and “TV” is a tautology.

It is evident that to think the tired singer is difficult, and if this continues further, Lazarev could simply go to the hospital, and about the competition he will have to forget to maintain their health.

We will remind that Sergey Lazarev has an affair with lorac front of the ticket to Eurovision 2019.

As reported by “Know.ia”, Sergey Lazarev, “trimmed” in the Network candid photos in the arms of a Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak

Also “Know.Eeyore”wrote that Pritula explained why MARUV not going to the Eurovision song contest in 2019.

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