Less than a year: Facebook copied favorite feature Viber and Telegram

Не прошло и года: Facebook скопировала любимую функцию Viber и Telegram

Facebook Messenger

After the introduction of dark theme Facebook Messenger announced a useful new feature for Android and iOS. In the messaging app from Facebook there is the option of quoting messages when replying. Recall that this option has long been have Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp, so that almost none of the users was surprised at this innovation. However, this messenger is clearly going to benefit, because these “chips” are used in virtually all services that have even the slightest communication between people.

Не прошло и года: Facebook скопировала любимую функцию Viber и Telegram

To quote a user message, just hold down your finger on a specific message to open a context menu where you just select Reply (“Reply”). When quoting the original message remains visible after the answer. Fortunately, it is possible to quote the text: in the course are as animations and pictures.

Не прошло и года: Facebook скопировала любимую функцию Viber и Telegram

Recall that Volvo has shown a system that will allow you to avoid an accident on the road. It is reported that the system will scan the state of the driver during the ride, and if there is a suspicion that the driver is tired, or even drunk, the system can stop the car, and even his eyes. Bypassing the system is almost impossible, so that in the future, this will help avoid a huge number of accidents.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Xiaomi unveiled a new robot vacuum cleaner Sweep Roborock T6. It is reported that its battery will last for 2.5 hours of cleaning, and the new system will allow you to clean the whole house, looking in all the corners of the housing. The price per device quite pleasant – a total of $ 400. Most likely, the device will appear on the Ukrainian market, but the timing is unknown yet.

Znayu wrote that a smart fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will appear in stores in June 2019. Insiders report that the device appears in two versions – one of them will get an NFC chip that will allow to pay for services and purchases without contact.

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