“Lifehack” rear wiper: Interesting solution for Renault Sandero invented blogger

Owner of Renault Sandero of the first generation told how to upgrade the rear wiper, adding a modes. Motorists “Lifehack” liked, and they brought a few fresh ideas.

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The blogger came up with an interesting solution for your Renault Sandero. To modify the wiper back door must be open in gray wire that goes to the terminal of the motor, and reconnect it to the special relay. The beating of the janitor will be two resistors, one of them put the system in rest mode and the other sets the time during which it will work: the blogger showed this on the example of two strokes in every 30 seconds. Also the janitor would be included, will support the regime of water flow to the rear nozzle.

Commentators on the network have appreciated the revision and invited the craftsman to go ahead and developed a new “life hack” for Renault Sandero: “you Can still do that in reverse gear and turned the front wipers automatically turn on rear wiper for a time included a reverse gear!”. The blogger noted that in the conditions of already collected system, this function cannot be adjusted, but if you want to make such changes still have the opportunity: “Without pulling additional wire won’t do here!”.