Lite OS from Microsoft will replace Windows 10: key features

Lite OS от Microsoft заменит устаревшую Windows 10: ключевые особенности

Lite OS was replaced by Windows 10

American multinational Corporation Microsoft is still in the summer of 2015 has released the Windows 10 operating system, which it wanted to make itself popular in the world. This probably would have been achieved if the developers listened to the users desires. It is worth noting that a failure for the company in 2018, the reputation of WIndows is badly deteriorated. Corporations had to find a replacement, which would represent a new OS Lite.

Lite OS от Microsoft заменит устаревшую Windows 10: ключевые особенности

The new operating system is a complete replacement for the Windows 10 OS that is Lite it replaced. Of course, her exit has not yet taken place, but the company uses all of its resources to very soon show a new OS designed from the ground up.

Lite OS от Microsoft заменит устаревшую Windows 10: ключевые особенности

A full announcement Lite OS will be held, as it became known from a reliable source, this spring, and it will happen, most likely in early may. Let’s hope that this time the company devotes more time developing the OS, and the search for errors in the system. The first time the new OS will be compatible only with the PWA application and the UWP, but by the time of the release of the final version Lite OS it will add support for ordinary Win32 applications that are used in Windows 10.

Recall that the company Xiaomi is preparing a firmware update MIUI 11 for their smartphones. However, the new firmware will not all users. The company has published a list of devices which will be subject to renewal. The number of smartphone models over 40, and this is great news for those who love the products of Chinese corporations.

Earlier Znayu reported that the Nokia PureView camera 9 lens surpassed even the ipHone XS. It is reported that the new flagship from Nokia, which got 5 cameras on the back, takes high-quality images that exceeded even the pictures taken on the iPhone camera quality XS Max. Even in the modern iPhone, you’ll notice the graininess in the photo. However, in Nokia such faults no.

Znayu wrote that Sony stopped production of the iconic consoles PS Vita. Now on the shelves will be the last model that the company released before closing the production.

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