Loboda invited fans to where would like to go everyone!

Лобода пригласила фанатов туда, куда хотел бы поехать каждый!

Svetlana Loboda, Igor Krutoy and Natella Krapivina

Famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, likes to attract attention and to shock the audience that is actively doing on their pages in social networks particularly in Instagram. Loboda often puts a seductive and sometimes frankly weird pictures and often runs into criticism from fans.

So, this time she posted a photo on which poses in the company of his friend and producer. As you know, now Loboda went to tour Canada and the United States, which went with her and her producer Natella Krapivina. Judging from the caption to the photo, So after the concerts in new York city decided to walk the streets of the metropolis, and called some friends.

For walks Svetlana wore a warm dark blue jacket, however, her friends are too warmly dressed. It is obvious that the weather in the American city is still cool. Hair Loboda dissolved, and her face no makeup from what it seems Taksim. In the caption to the photo, Svetlana Loboda spoke about the concerts in new York.

“It’s been 2 concerts in #newyork, elegant charging!!! Thank you to everyone who has been these days with us… next year we are waiting for you at our concert in Madison Square Garden,” wrote the actress. This publication does not remain without attention of fans of the star. Svetlana Loboda fans literally fall asleep compliments and congratulations in the comments to the photo.

“Very cool and 100% of your audience!”, “Everybody’s cool”, “Happy people”, “the coolest team”, “Thank you, I finally had a blast! And already looking forward to the next concert. You’re the best”, “beautiful”, “Thank you for a wonderful concert!”, “So cool”, “Natella pretty woman”, “Svetlana, you are amazing”, “Svetlana, watching the Voice and I admire you. How clever you”, “it Was just cool, thanks for a great mood!”, – write in the comments to the photo.

Recall, Loboda seduced fans with a short dress.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported, Loboda showed the press, but the fans didn’t see it.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that “ruthless” Loboda showed that doing behind the scenes.

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