Lorac shocked new huge lips

Лорак шокировала новыми огромными губами

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, has been touring Russia, surprised fans unusual photo.

In the picture in Instagram Lorak she was criticized for “duck lips”.

“Queen of passion”, “what rotary have it!” “And so lips inflated-even their bow making”, “what about sponges, Karolinska? Why cheated?”, “Why not shorts????Paita is not the topic here”, “Spread your lips very ugly so you do” – users write in comments.

It is worth Recalling that the popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which is now actively building a career in Russia, decided to show the fans in a new Instagram video. Celebrity boasted a small excerpt from the show tour “Diva” in Vladikavkaz. So, the artist has exposed one of the most favorite rooms of fans, having sung in a transparent bath with sequins. It is worth Recalling that after the divorce with her husband Murat Ani suspect the second pregnancy, because the performances often seen rounded belly.

Лорак шокировала новыми огромными губами

Ani Lorak

“❤this #augularia #shoediva#Vladikavkaz”, – laconically signed the movie Lorak. Followers will not have passed, however their opinions are divided: “Incredible!!!!! Insanely sexy and incredible!!!!! 💃💃”, “Like a lot of tinsel and narcissism ..”, “here Ani,very feminine and beautiful 👍👍👍”, “common thief. Room steal Dita von Teese, suits Lopez and Beyonce, One of the most popular rooms from the show😍 Really hot…”.

We wrote about that Popular jazz singer and pianist from Canada Diana Krall for the first time will give a concert in Lviv, and in Ukraine in General. It is noteworthy that Diana Krall was five times awarded the prestigious musical award “Grammy”.

What is known about a jazz artist?

Лорак шокировала новыми огромными губами

She was born in 1964, at the moment she was sixty-four years. The first album the singer released in 1993 and since then came to her starry glory.

We will remind, Lorak turned into a delicate marshmallow with a plunging neckline: how sweet

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