Losing a fight with Lomachenko knocked down Kroll: I will always remember

Поражение в бою с Ломаченко подкосило Кроллу: я всегда буду помнить

Lomachenko knocked out Kroll, Getty Images

British boxer Anthony crolla (34-6-4, 13 KO’s) who lost the battle against the world champion of WBA and WBO lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (13-1, 10 KOs), commented on the devastating defeat.

According to Kroll, it was a great honor to fight with the Ukrainian.

Поражение в бою с Ломаченко подкосило Кроллу: я всегда буду помнить

Lomachenko knocked out by Kroll and defended the WBA belt, Getty Images

“Feel perfectly. Frankly, it has never been in better shape in my life and I am shocked by how everything turned out. A great honor for me to fight with Basil, which was better than I thought.

Knockout punch was excellent, he told me afterwards that he had broken his arm in the strike. He acted like a gentleman. I’m giving myself a break before deciding what to do next.

The support of the fans is something I will always remember. I don’t have enough time to make a decision, will there be another contest or already enough,” Kroll wrote on his Twitter page.

We will remind, on April 12, Lomachenko confidently defeated the British Anthony Kroll (34-6-4, 13 KO’s) successfully defended his belt on the line WBA, knocking out his opponent in the fourth round.

Watch the full video of the battle Lomachenko – Kroll:

With the first round, Lomachenko took the center of the ring, eyeing the opponent, and punching the two. In the third round, Lomachenko spent three punches to the head, and began to finish off the British, holding it near the ropes. The referee stopped the beating because Kroll did not respond to bumps.

Lomachenko began to celebrate the victory, but the referee counted down and gave the sign to continue the fight.

But in the beginning of the fourth round Lomachenko continued pressure and knocked out the Briton accurate shot in the head. Kroll couldn’t even get up.

Later he was put on a chair, but he couldn’t even stand on his feet.

The fight was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California (USA).

Wrote Znayu world Boxing organization (WBO) gave Lomachenko a belt of super champion by the organization.

The ceremony took place at a press conference before the fight Ukrainians with Briton Anthony Crolley.

As reported by the portal Znayu, Lomachenko was named the next victim.

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