Lost 108 pounds woman shared the secrets of weight loss

Dropping excess weight Maxine Wren from County Durham in the UK once married.

Потерявшая 108 килограммов женщина поделилась секретами похудения


English was born with a disease Blanuta is a rare disease in which the tibia is bent at the top. In people with this diagnosis is deformed third of the tibia. Due to illness Maxine Wren had moved and this lifestyle reflected badly on her figure. British woman since childhood suffered from excess body weight. The maximum weight of women was 177 pounds. She was experiencing inferiority complex, never went to parties, afraid to meet guys. The Englishwoman lived in a pre-selected plan and is not expected to change the situation. To transform the attitude to own appearance and health Maxine Wren made the family practitioner. One day he told the girl that if she will not change the way of life, it will soon die.

After that the British start a diet and start to move more. It has minimized the use of fatty foods, enrolled in a section of swimming and gradually lost 108 pounds. Now Maxine Wren 39 years, she is happily married and shares his secrets of weight loss. The basic principle is faith in yourself. The English woman is convinced, if you want everyone able to normalize their own weight. For faith in importance follow exercise, control of consumed and spent calories.

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