Love triangle pensioners gays in Russia ended in a terrible tragedy

Любовный треугольник пенсионеров-геев в России закончился жуткой трагедией

In Russia, in the Kuban stanitsa Ilskaya the offender has committed the murder of two pensioners homosexuals. The alleged killer confessed, the investigation calls the priority version of the crime of “homophobia”, write Rossm.

The bodies of 70-year-old Vladimir Dubtsova and 64-year-old Nicholas Galdina found the evening of 10 January. According to the data, men are subjected to harassment by neighbours, the Cossacks and other inhabitants of the village. One of the neighbors expressed their emotions about the murder as follows:

“Everyone is very upset that they killed! So upset that we don’t know where to go from joy!”

Любовный треугольник пенсионеров-геев в России закончился жуткой трагедией

The name of the alleged killer of Alexander FET-Oglu, he was arrested and charged. 23-year-old FET-Oglu, according to the police, was previously convicted for burglary and was serving his compulsory work in the village administration.

The arrested person has given grateful evidences. According to his version, he drank together with pensioners, then they began to molest her, and that was the reason for the murder.

Любовный треугольник пенсионеров-геев в России закончился жуткой трагедией

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As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, a controversial blogger, poglazova over the corpse of the suicide, decided to become gay. Scandalous YouTube-blogger Logan Paul decided to spend new shocking experiment. He said that he was going for a month to be gay!

22-year-old Logan Paul has a blog on YouTube, the audience – about 17 million subscribers. In the summer of 2018 blogger provoked a scandal, leaked video, which is kidding and removes the corpse of a Japanese suicide forest. Most of the users lashed out at Paul, considering that it’s just disgusting, in this way to lighten a person’s death.

In response to criticism of the tub, which resulted in the head of Logan, the guy apologized in front of everyone, removed the video clip and for a month went from YouTube. He returned, as promised, and began making videos as usual.

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