LPG or gasoline: fuel consumption of KIA Optima details said the expert

Blogger YouTube channel “Sumy Racing Team” spoke in detail about the urban fuel consumption of KIA Optima and compared the benefits when operating the vehicle with LPG.

ГБО или бензин: О расходе топлива KIA Optima детально рассказал эксперт

The review expert presented two KIA Optima, one of which is equipped with gas equipment direct from the factory. The power plant of this model develops 158 HP, while the gasoline modification for 10 “horses” more powerful. For the most accurate assessment of how cheaper KIA gas autoblogger conducted an experiment – fill both cars up to the top, leveled the tire pressure and sent them to a 200-kilometer synchronous arrivals in the city and highway. Riding on KIA Optima with LPG took place in the most standard mode – the driver followed all instructions, on-Board computer, to avoid overloading the 6-speed manual transmission.

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ГБО или бензин: О расходе топлива KIA Optima детально рассказал эксперт

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The measurements were carried out by several parameters: acceleration to 100 km/h, overcoming a mark in 402 meters, dynamics slowing down with hundreds of km/h to a complete stop and the stopping distance. For the standard KIA Optima, the figures were 10.6, 17.3 C and 3.2 seconds respectively, and the braking distance 100-0 km/h is 43.6 meters. Cars with gas equipment have shown similar results, only for fractions of a seconds behind in acceleration and braking. Regarding fuel consumption the KIA Optima with LPG for 205 kilometers were burned 26 and 53 litres of gas ($13 or $ 863 rubles), and diesel Optima the same stretch of road, “ate” 18.75 per liter of gasoline ($20 or 1 328 rubles). Thus, at 100 km the saving is 200 rubles, which the blogger considers an excellent value.

Experience handling and comfort of both cars in blogger remains strictly positive: great fit, nice ergonomics of the interior, decent dynamics with the ride and overall suspension. The cost of a KIA Optima 2014 with a factory LPG is $ 12,500 (830 thousand rubles): “Very comfortable and very inexpensive. If you want to look profitable in the eyes of passers-by, the KIA Optima is a great choice!”.