Lukashenka apologized to Putin for a public dispute about the price of gas

The President of Belarus made in the incorrect form during discussions with the head of Russia.

Лукашенко извинился перед Путиным за публичный спор о цене газа


Alexander Lukashenko apologized to the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in a public dispute that arose at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian economic Council. Lukashenka’s address, during which he called correctly the price of Russian gas supplied to Belarus, provoked a discussion among heads of state. According to Alexander Lukashenko, the dispute was quite rough and incorrect, so he had to apologize not only to the colleague, but also to the organizer of the forum. It is noted that a controversial issue debated will be studied at the level of Vice-premiers and Prime Ministers. The final point in the question of the price for the supplied Russian gas, Minsk, the leaders will deliver in the coming days.

During a meeting with Putin, Lukashenko expressed dissatisfaction with the price for transit of Russian gas to Minsk. The head of Belarus said it was wrong that the price of gas on the border with Smolensk region, significantly higher than the rates for residents of Smolensk. Vladimir Putin suggested to a colleague to discuss the issue of gas during a personal conversation without journalists.