Lukashenko is afraid to poison Putin: no more vodka and snacks

Лукашенко боится отравить Путина: больше никакой водки и закуски

During the meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with Vladimir Putin, which took place in Krasnaya Polyana, the Belarusian President promised to the Russian colleague that will not put Russia in the “bad vodka and a snack.”

Alexander Lukashenko said that studies conducted in Belarus and in Russia showed the high quality of Belarusian products, so the presidents of both countries have no reason to worry.

Лукашенко боится отравить Путина: больше никакой водки и закуски

He also said that whatever conflicts arose between the two heads of state, Belarus will never deliver to Russia there is no bad vodka, and no bad snacks. And assured that the food produced in Belarus can be delivered in the necessary volume to the Russian market.

Recall, Lukashenka spoke about the unification of Belarus and Russia: who tipped or tilted.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the talks on unification of Belarus with Rosy untrue and generally stupid.This is reported by the media.

So, according to the Belarusian leader’s talk of uniting countries conducted between the population of countries are constantly and only lately scored impressive scale.

He added that earlier Belarus and Russia signed the Treaty on establishing the Union state and the further development of bilateral relations.

As reported by “Know.ia” Putin will do in Belarus, “Ukrainian scenario”, which was prepared under Yeltsin. Russian President Vladimir Putin is not much time left to rule the country – a total of some 5 years. That is why he is looking for ways to ensure its future impact through the creation of a closer Union with neighbouring Belarus.

Tacitly.Eeyore” wrote Zelensky became a personal enemy of Putin, Nazarbayev and Lukashenko: he’s not even President.

Journalist Vitaly Portnikov said that the leader of “95 Quarter” Vladimir Zelensky became dictators are a real threat.

This is reported by the media.

Portnikov said that the emergence Zelensky in the presidential race could not be better shows what an abyss has formed between Ukraine and Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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