Lyashko demanded from Poroshenko to provide warmth the city’s Ukrainians

A video message to the President, the leader of the Radical party published on his official page in Facebook.

Ляшко потребовал от Порошенко обеспечить теплом города Украинцы


To date, millions of Ukrainians are forced to freeze in their homes because of the incompetence of the government. Yesterday the Deputy Oleg Lyashko wrote an appeal to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vitaly Groisman in which has demanded immediately to solve any of their fault the problem with the heating in Ukrainian cities. His “request” the MP published in the personal Facebook account on November 12.

Lyashko said that citizens should not suffer from the incompetence and immoral actions of the authorities. In case of failure to comply with the requirement of the leader of the Radical party, Poroshenko of Ukraine must resign, says Lyashko.

Earlier it became known that in Krivoy Rog unknown on unreasonable grounds began to confiscate gas in municipal boiler-houses, which activity was discontinued because of debts. In Cherkasy region (Bold) declared a state of emergency in the absence of heat. Residents intend to organize a boycott, blocking the road. Today no heating still remain residents Shepetovka (Khmelnitsky region), as well as local boiler houses are in arrears.

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