Makarevich trampled in the dirt Kiselyov and Russian propaganda: “are You crazy?”

Макаревич втоптал в грязь Киселева и российских пропагандистов: "Вы что, с ума сошли?"

Well-known musician, the leader of group “the time Machine” Andrei Makarevich was indignant aggression and propaganda of Russian TV. Emotional response he published in his Facebook.

Says Makarevich, Russia can not live without Ukrane, as if she has no other problems.

Макаревич втоптал в грязь Киселева и российских пропагандистов: "Вы что, с ума сошли?"

Andrey Makarevich

The number of news about the Kiev increased dramatically after Russia invaded Crimea and started the war in the Donbass. From the TV show the Russians anything, but not the realities of their own country. Advocates are silent about the condition of roads, low pensions, rampant poverty and on “initiatives” of the Duma, which the people did not even think.

For the artist, some part-time propagandists leave for the United States and trump’s, but again attribute this to the Ukraine.

“Four years of our generals on the ideological front shouting at the TV about Ukraine. Every day — indeed, every morning, afternoon, evening and night. Outraged, indignant, sniping, sarcastic, even (wow!) — I’m sorry. Not about Putin and Medvedev, not about Rogozin and Shoigu, not about the pensions and salaries of our citizens, not about new amazing initiatives of our thoughts — what are you, crazy? About Ukraine and Poroshenko. Well, a little more about trump in connection with Ukraine, of course. Four years of every day — there is no one fantasy is not enough. But our — missing” — ironically Makarevich.

Soon hysteria on Russian television will only intensify, says the composer, as in Ukraine, started previsora race and elections.

“And then there’s the Ukrainian elections on a nose — teleplastic of truth and goodness is just beginning! Indeed — if it were not for Ukraine, it would have to be invented”, — says Makarevich.

We will remind, “We never with the Soviet idiocy-and-out” Makarevich completely broke the Russian reality

The leader of group “the time Machine” Andrei Makarevich has responded to mass bans of concerts that take place in Russia.

This is reported by Russian media.

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