Manga Tokyo : the exhibition, which explores the city through film, manga and anime

Manga Tokyo : l'exposition qui explore la ville par le cinéma, le manga et l'anime

Where it is discovered that Godzilla, Evangelion and Akira are works that are more realistic than we think.

The exhibition Manga Tokyo opens its doors on 29 November in Paris, at the Grande halle de la Villette : organized around a gigantic model of the japanese capital, the expo gives the opportunity to discover the city through the visions experienced by the artists of manga for over a century, and animated series from the post-war period. Original artwork of japanese COMICS (of the master Osamu Tezuka creations, more underground like River’s Edge) are displayed, grouped by district and by major historical periods, and accompanied by informative explanations to the attention of the gaijins the most innocent.

And the cinema in all this ? The saga Godzilla occupies obviously a place of choice with its vision of Tokyo in the midst of reconstruction after the war, as the masterful animated film Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo , who, if he has nice place in the year 2019 in neo-Tokyo cyberpunk and ravaged by the Third world war, is not less an urban space spatially realistic at the heart of the geography of tokyo. The most recent Tokyo Godfathers (2003) Satoshi Kon, Children wolves, Ame and Yuki (2012) Mamoru Hosoda , or even Your Name. (2016) of Makoto Shinkai are also present, among other works essential to the series Neon Genesis Evangelion is also there), to show that the animation always comes back to the imitation of the real. In short, Manga Tokyo is an exhibition, especially not to miss.

Manga Tokyo opens on 29 November and ends on the 30th of December. All information (timetables, tickets) are on the site of la Villette.