Mansion stars the phantom of the Opera Gerard Butler burned down in a fire in California

Information about this event, the famous actor said in social networks. The same fate befell the house of guitarist Neil young.

Особняк звезды «Призрака оперы» Джерарда Батлера сгорел дотла при пожаре в Калифорнии

Gerard Butler has published a photo of the burned out mansion in the microblog Twitter. Occurred in California forest fires, so out of state temporarily evicted thousands of people. The fire spared the home of ordinary citizens and world celebrities. Under the threat turned out to be a model Kim Kardashian, soloist Lady Gaga, actress cher and other stars of show business. Gerard Butler admitted he bravely endures the trouble and glad that he was alive and healthy. The actor is most known for her involvement in the shooting of the film “the phantom of the Opera,” in which he played the role of the cast. Butler advises everyone to endure the difficulties of life and not surrender to fight fate.

Guitarist Neil young too, lost house in fire in fire in California. As a result of this incident in the American state killed two dozen victims. More than 200 citizens in General can’t find the rescuers, their share is unknown.