MARUV became a “lawyer” Lazarus: that’s why she defends Russia

MARUV стала "адвокатом" Лазарева: вот почему она защищает Россию

Singer MARUV, which won the national selection for Eurovision – 2019 and immediately got involved in a huge scandal, refused to go, finally feel the need to explain why stated that the Eurovision song contest will be rooting for the representative of an enemy of Russia Sergey Lazarev.

The singer published a post in which he expressed irritation at media. According to the singer, her words artificially taken out of context to inflate the blazing scandal, and rooting it will generally be “behind the music”. MARUV added that the fine applies to Sergei Lazarev, and has with it a common history.

“We need to look at the number of performances of all. But of course because of my good relationship with Sergei, especially, they are cool, interesting common history, so I will support it. But besides this, I want to watch other performances, and to support those artists who will make tough performance and something interesting” – persuaded the singer.

Subsequently, the artist has published a post in which he noted that the media throw up its words of support for Russia out of context to boost the traffic of their resources. Therefore, the situation with the Eurovision song contest “every day returns to her new headers, put in a stupor.”

I will explain one last time: I am very familiar with Sergei Lazarev, who was my mentor in the Ukrainian project “Voice of country-4”, where I participated 5 years ago. But perhaps my acquaintance with him became such a big topic of speculation in the headlines of our press,
said MARUV.

The singer did not give a specific answer, for someone to vote in the contest.

“For whom I vote in the Eurovision song contest? I will tell you this: I have the peck, which will undermine Europe! Each artist will take the stage of the Eurovision song contest in tel Aviv, I wish you luck, courage and victory! I – for music!” she summed up.

Earlier, Polyakov breast stood up for MARUV: this is a “beating”.

We also wrote that Madonna refused appearances on Eurovision: for any money.

In addition, the organizers of the Eurovision song contest promised a harsh punishment to Ukraine because of the antics Maruv.

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