MARUV can not recover after the scandal at the nation selection: the fans are concerned

MARUV не может опомниться после скандала на Нацотборе: фанаты обеспокоены


It’s been a few weeks since then, how was the controversial final of the national selection for “Eurovision-2019”, however even now not only the audience but also the participants remember this fateful day. Singer MARUV (Anna Korsun) also can not recover after won the audience vote and in the end did not go to tel Aviv because of disagreements with NTU.

At the same time, many admirers of the singer looking at the publications in her personal microblog, were convinced that for her all the experiences in the past. However, apparently, she can’t forget that fateful day when she won the coveted win.

The MARUV published a series of images from the final of national selection on his page in Instagram.

Noteworthy is the fact that even during the national selection Anna did not publish in one day so many photos. It is hard to disagree that the show, which showed MARUV in the final, it was really bright and could bring Ukraine a victory this year.

Recall that the actress MARUV, which won the final of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest-2019, performs the role of “lady” is not only on the stage. This information spread friends from the inner circle of Anna Korsun and her fiancé Alexander. Interestingly, with the beloved singer met in College.

As reported by the portal Znayu popular leading television Lesya Nikityuk and the winner of the national selection for Eurovision singer MARUV decided to have dancing. Unusual video was published in Lesja Instagram.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the network is gaining popularity video of the singer Baba Docky from Coloma, which quail scandalous song MARUV at the Hutsul way. The controversial song Maruv, which has done many noise, just perfect “formed” under the Hutsul kolomyyki, which became the basis of the lyrics from Baba Docky.

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