MARUV made a strong statement about Eurovision, didn’t hear Ukrainians

MARUV сделала жесткое заявление по поводу Евровидения, не это хотели услышать украинцы

Anna Korsun

The winner of the National selection “Eurovision 2019” Ukrainian singer MARUV often pleases many fans of news and photos on his official page in Instagram. The flamboyant artist and this time through social networks made a loud statement about the song contest and the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev.

So, on the page Anna Korsun (the name MARUV off stage) has posted new racy photos, which only pleased the fans. The black-and-white photo that appeared in the account of Anna, she poses in sexy stage performance with a black kosinki on the head. The girl not wearing underwear, just a white blouse that goes under the corset, which in turn smoothly into the leather dress. In the caption to the photo MARUV made another statement about the “Eurovision 2019”.

MARUV сделала жесткое заявление по поводу Евровидения, не это хотели услышать украинцы

“I confess that I am sick and tired of the media pull my words out of context to boost the traffic of their resources. The situation with the “Eurovision-2019”, which is seemingly long forgotten, every day comes back to me the new headers leading into a stupor. Explain the last time: I am very familiar with Sergei Lazarev, who was my mentor in the Ukrainian project “the Voice Krainy-4”, where I participated 5 years ago. But apparently my acquaintance with him became such a big topic of speculation in the headlines of our press. For whom I vote on “Eurovision”? I tell you this: I am for banger that will blow up Europe! Each artist who will take to the Eurovision stage in tel Aviv, I wish you luck, courage and victory! I – for music!” – wrote Anna in the caption to the photo.

Fans of the stars did not disregard such publication and began actively to discuss it. Someone supports the position MARUV someone condemns, while others simply admire the bold image of the girl in this photo.

Let us recall, the Eurovision organizers have promised harsh punishment for Ukraine for the antics of MARUV.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Polyakov got breast MARUV.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Kirilenko told the whole truth about MARUV.

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