Maruv of Coloma: network blew up Siren song with Hutsul flavor

Maruv из Коломыи: сеть взорвала Siren song с гуцульским колоритом

Baba Dochka from Coloma

The network is gaining popularity video of the singer Baba Docky from Coloma, which quail scandalous song Maruv at the Hutsul way.

Baba Dochka would not be Kolomyja, if not altered “Siren song” shameless songs. The controversial song Maruv, which has done many noise, just perfect “formed” under the Hutsul kolomyyki, which became the basis of the lyrics from Baba Docky.

Maruv из Коломыи: сеть взорвала Siren song с гуцульским колоритом

“We wanted to preserve the essence of the song, it’s parody, shameless kolomyyki was the ideal basis for new songs,” says the main character of the clip.

Video clip on “Siren song”, filmed by Baba Dikaiou will not leave anyone indifferent. The location for filming was found on Kalaydina. Partner in clip Women Dochki a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk Jaroslav Cubic.

Maruv из Коломыи: сеть взорвала Siren song с гуцульским колоритом

“The woman of Docka – pardna azdin, Yak I love VM spate. Єk you CI wdav SPV I then kno, you bet your finger will burn down I tint on uzic “Papistic”, signed your clip fun Kolomenka.

Offer you to listen to a racy rehash of “Siren song” and put “your finger will burn down”.

Note that the singer Maruv after a lengthy discussion refused to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest 2019. The singer’s fans took it negatively, protecting the artist. In a moment joined him in the Russian media, which actively began to spread nonsense like “Ukraine crushed a talented artist”. So although the decision was solely the choice of the singer.

We will remind, Prytula explained why MARUV not going to the Eurovision song contest in 2019.

As reported by the portal Znaia in the MARUV victory in the national selection saw a Russian footprint.

Controlled by Putin’s intelligence services, namely the FSB may be involved in the scandal, which occurred after the victory MARUV at the national selection for Eurovision-2019. Such arguments are producer and composer Alexander yagolnik.

Also Znayu wrote Maruv told how estimates your room and compared himself to Madonna.

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