MARUV told about life after the national selection for Eurovision 2019

MARUV рассказала о жизни после Нацотбора на Евровидение 2019

MARUV talked about the relationship with the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev, who will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest 2019.

This is reported by the media.

She told me that she has received from the national selection of the Eurovision song contest quite a lot of positive points, in particular, and writing yet another great song.

MARUV рассказала о жизни после Нацотбора на Евровидение 2019

Moreover, the singer was told that to take part in the selection pushed her fans, who constantly wrote about such a need.

“First, through the Ukrainian national selection for the Eurovision song contest, I wrote another cool song. Secondly, my fans often wrote to me that we should participate, that would be awesome, offered to go from Russia or Belarus. So I agreed to this adventure, although still do not know whether I have made the decision. It has become very difficult physically to withstand the intense schedule, the increased attention to his person,” — said the singer.

In addition it is worth noting that in the distant 2014, the Ukrainian singer Anna Korsun, better known as MARUV said that when she participated in “the Voice”, where one of the judges were Sergey Lazarev they have struck up an ambiguous relationship.

MARUV рассказала о жизни после Нацотбора на Евровидение 2019

“He was the first to believe in me and said that all required’yazkovo you can do it, that I was unique and interesting, and he urged viewers. I am very grateful to him for what he saw, and believed. Every time I went on stage to fight, he gave me a chance, gave me the preference over other parties,” admitted MARUV.

The singer also told how was their relationship after the song project. In particular, he noted that “New wave” Lazarev has also taken over her “care.”

“On the “New wave” he also did, learned, how I was doing, so I wasn’t worried, it was nice. Because he’s a superstar, no commitments linked to me, could pass and not even to say Hello, but he’s not that kind of people, he is a man with a big heart,” added the actress.

MARUV admitted now with Lazarev speaks infrequently, but they maintain a good cordial relationship.

Recall, the STB refused to hold a national selection to the Eurovision song contest after a row with MARUV.

As reported “Znayu” the Ukrainians after MARUV glad to see Zibrov and Ivo Bobul the Eurovision song contest.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that Zelensky was to protect MARUV.

MARUV not going to Eurovision, because it is not ready to speak in political slogans

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