Masha Efrosinina boasted figure: show all hide

Маша Ефросинина похвасталась фигурой: показала все, что скрывала

Recently prielnice Masha Efrosinina talking about a possible pregnancy of the stars. In social networks actively discussed leading post in which she said she learned the news that could change her life.

Маша Ефросинина похвасталась фигурой: показала все, что скрывала

However, judging by the new photos, Masha Efrosinina is not pregnant, her figure slender than she boasted.

Маша Ефросинина похвасталась фигурой: показала все, что скрывала

Recently, the star has become the heroine of a photo shoot where she appeared in a new summer look. She was wearing a beige skirt, a short green blouse and a straw hat. The focus was on the naked shoulders and a slim waist leading.

Earlier we wrote that TV presenter Masha Efrosinina February 16, published a touching post in honor of the birthday of his daughter Nana. Nana is all grown up – the girl is 15 years old, although it seems more recently, the star first became a mother.

Efrosinina published in his Instagram a photo with the girl and was frankly told about the difficult childbirth. Nan was in no hurry to be born and I was in labor for seventeen hours. Mary told how 15 years, he and his daughter”hard-fought for a chance to be born”.

We also wrote that Masha Efrosinina is a role model for many girls. However, the 39-year-old celebrity has named 5 of its major shortcomings. It is known that not only is she a caring mother and a loving wife but also a successful TV presenter, aspiring blogger, UN Ambassador and beautiful woman. However, it was found, Masha has several disadvantages which are known only to family and friends.

Recall that the famous star coach and TV presenter Anita Lutsenko always gives many useful tips about health & fitness on his page in Instagram. Recently, within the challenge “14 days without sweets” celebrity shared portion of the workout showing the favorite exercise of the singer Vera Brezhneva.

As reported by “Know.ia”: in the Internet appeared fresh photos from social events, to which the Queen came out perfectly as always. She stressed the slender waist of a bold outfit.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, has been touring Russia, surprised fans unusual photo.

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