Masha Efrosinina has delighted the fans of fashion spring onions

Маша Ефросинина восхитила фанатов модным весенним луком

Masha Efrosinina

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and blogger Masha Efrosinina, which is actively engaged in your account in Instagram and YouTube channel, often shares with fans the news of his creative and personal life. This time the star decided to show the fans the trendy spring onion, which came to work.

For out four-color Mary wore a long summer dress that hides her figure and visually lengthens. On top of a dress, the TV star put on a dark coat, and her legs long red boots with pointed toes that go under the dress. Masha collected hair back, and her look is completed with huge sunglasses. Efrosinina standing in the street looking at the camera and smiling slightly.

In the caption, Masha Efrosinina told about work at the weekend: “the working day with a taste of the weekend… or Vice versa #mood”. The fans did not leave without attention such a bright star publishing presenter. Masha is filled with compliments and congratulations in the comments to the photo. Most attention went to boots the bright stars, but the sundress also got praise.

“My God! What you long”, “Beautiful holiday”, “Chic”, “I Forgot to tell you that this dress”, “Gorgeous! The dress is super”, “mashunya, you are adorable”, “Oh and luxury,” “Mary, I congratulate You on the celebration of femininity and beauty,” “Mary, congratulations to You! That will tell You bonded, You are a inspiration to me! You are the ideal dream of the poet! Happiness to You too!” “Beauty”, “stunning As always!”, “Dress very well, candy”, “How beautiful!” “Red shoes”, “Boots fire!”, “Masha, You are so stylish”, “Wow! What boots”, “I Want these boots”, “I like the image as a whole. And boots and coats in particular” – write enthusiastic fans in the comments to the photo.

Recall hot Masha Efrosinina showed the “strawberry” with her husband.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that anorexic Efrosinina posted a new photo, fans are in a panic.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Efrosinina participate in “Miss Ukraine” but the prize is given to another.

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