“Masterpieces” Hitler was no use

"Шедевры" Гитлера оказались никому не нужны

On the German auction failed to sell paintings by the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. To the auction of 5 lots.

It is noted that the auction house Weidler has set the initial price of watercolor in the amount of 45 000 euros. This is the website of the air force.

"Шедевры" Гитлера оказались никому не нужны

“The auction was held in Nuremberg, the German city, when sadly the mass rallies of Hitler, where leading Nazis were later tried for war crimes. The auction was accompanied by scandal with allegations of forgery, and the mayor Ulrich Mali called it” bad form “, – stated in the message.

Gartin in addition, the auction also put up items that allegedly belonged to the dictator, including a vase and a wicker chair with a swastika.

“Public display of Nazi symbols is illegal in Germany, except in certain cases, for example, for educational or historical reasons. The auction house got around the law by adding the characters in your catalog,” – said.

"Шедевры" Гитлера оказались никому не нужны

It was noted earlier that at the end of January the Berlin police seized for expert analysis of the three watercolor landscapes, probably user Hitler, who planned to sell at auction.

“In youth, the future Nazi dictator wrote about 2 thousand paintings. He wanted to succeed as an artist in Vienna before the First world war,” reported.

However, the picture of Hitler is still popular. In 2014, the watercolour of the leader of the Nazis from the old city hall of Munich has been sold for 130,000 euros.

In 2015 Weidler auction house has sold more than a dozen paintings attributed to Hitler, for 400 000 euros.

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