Media have uncovered a smuggling sanctions pears from the EU

Pears from the Netherlands and Belgium have entered the Russian market through Belarus and Lithuania.

СМИ раскрыли контрабанду санкционных груш из стран ЕС

This became known from Dutch media De Volkskrant.

The supply of pears from Belgium and the Netherlands banned by the food embargo against EU countries since 2014. These measures were taken in response to anti-Russian sanctions from the EU. Despite the ban, Russian companies continued to purchase fruits fraudulently.

Purchase pears produced in Lithuania and Belarus. These countries in turn realized the fruit on forged certificates, which were acquired in Africa. As a result of this scheme pears were exported to Russia under the guise of African.

According to approximate estimates of specialists, the volume of shipments of prohibited import of Belgian and Dutch pears were sostavlyal approximately 70 thousand tons annually. That’s about half of the volume of supplies prior to the embargo.

In July 2018, Vladimir Putin extended the food embargo until the end of 2019 in response to the extension of EU sanctions against several sectors of the Russian economy.