Media: Makron prevented a full meeting trump and Putin

The head of France said that the talks between the leaders of these powerful Nations will distract attention from the main purpose of the event.

СМИ: Макрон помешал полноценной встрече Трампа и Путина


Western media write that Emmanuel macron has prevented a full meeting Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin in Paris, scheduled for November 11. On this day in the French capital, the heads of state will meet on the occasion of the centenary of the First world war. The presidents of the United States and Russia will meet at this event, but a full meeting will not take place. It was moved to G20 to the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. In South America, trump and Putin will discuss in detail all the questions.

Experts assumed like in Paris, the leaders of the United States and Russia on the issue of missiles. The countries on this occasion there is disagreement. Macron allegedly sent Trump and Putin with a request not to make the negotiations in Paris. This can distract the public from the main task, and in France do not want this development. Thus, the dialogue trump and Putin have moved to the G20.

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