Media: trump’s Company wanted to give Putin a penthouse in Moscow for $50 million

The Trump Organization intended to do this profitably. The leaders of the organization took into account the popularity of the leader of Russia in the country and suggested that many successful businessmen will actively acquire real estate for such a neighbor.

СМИ: Компания Трампа хотела подарить Путину пентхаус в Москве стоимостью $50 млн


Information about it spreads the American edition Buzzfeed News. Media says that the company Donald trump wanted to give Vladimir Putin the penthouse cost $50 million in Moscow in a newly built skyscraper, the Trump Tower, in order to attract the attention of rich people in Russia to this object. According to leaders of the organization, in Russia there are many successful entrepreneurs who dream to live close to Putin. Managers trump had planned to sell their penthouses in a skyscraper for $250 million.

Did the US President about the intention of the company to give a luxury apartment Putin is unknown. According to Buzzfeed News, the organization’s representatives held talks with Dmitry Peskov about it. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation refused to give interviews on the subject. The same position was taken by representatives of trump.

The construction of a 100-story skyscraper Trump Tower launched in 2015. Then trump had not yet occupied the post of the leader of the United States. The associates allegedly told the future chief of the White house that this idea will help him in the election.