Medieval methods of education: mother chained to a child with disabilities to the wall

Средневековые методы воспитания: мать приковала ребенка с инвалидностью к стене

Indian woman chained chains seven year old daughter to a wall and left to go about their business.

Witnessing this brutal act were locals from Bangalore. They filmed on a phone camera the inhuman attitude of the mother and reported it to the police, writes The Sun.

According to eyewitnesses, the child suffers from a speech disorder has difficulty learning and is often lost, remaining unattended.

A spokesman for the local police Rahul Kuma (Kuma Rahul) claims that the inspector immediately went to the place as soon as the activist sent the coordinates.

“When he arrived there, he discovered that the girl was indeed tied to her mother,” — says the servant of the law.

The inspector also claims that the girl may suffer from psychosocial disorders.

The local police say that the mother too “much work”, so no time to look after a sick child. Neighbors say that the woman has repeatedly put the girl when she left for some business.

“We have not filed any lawsuits against the mother, but the girl was taken into custody and will be referred to the Committee on welfare of children,” says Kuma.

Средневековые методы воспитания: мать приковала ребенка с инвалидностью к стене

Seven year old chained girl. Photos from the video.

It should be noted that in the modern world women have many rights: they get an education, build a career, get married, vote, create a business and do what you wish. Unfortunately, that’s not everywhere. Girls who are born in some countries of Asia and Africa, this choice deprived.

They can only live a joyful and carefree life, which ends after 5 or 8 years after their birth. After that, every girl expects a wedding with a man who is older than her 3-5 times, and horrifying wedding night and the birth of a child. In 2018, this is difficult to believe but it’s true!

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