Medvedev was embarrassing in the Elevator, netizens laugh to tears: video

Медведев оконфузился в лифте, пользователи сети смеются до слез: видео

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was in confusion. During a visit to the lift of the factory he was stuck in the cab – to save him immediately rushed to the SSF.

Video of the incident preludiu TVC site.

The head of government went to inspect one of the cabins. When the Elevator doors suddenly began to close, the guards reacted like lightning: one of the employees of the SSF is not allowed to close the iron shutters, and the second jammed the call button. As a result, the head of the government safely left the “dangerous” zone.

Social media in the video reacted instantly. Users ridiculed boasting Medvedev elevators and the conduct of Russian policy.

“How to stop laughing:
Only today Medvedev told how beautiful Russian new elevators,while not forgetting to kick Lukashenko, because he is dumping. Then sits down in the Elevator who unwittingly takes him into the unknown distance,from which it rescued the gallant officers of the Federal security service,” wrote Twitter users.

“FSO is not selfless to go gave the Elevator with Medvedev. Although, sure, nothing wrong with the Prime Minister would not have happened, lift domestic – must be very reliable,” he joked on Twitter, the journalists of the Kremlin pool.

Recall that s husband was a spicy embarrassment during sex: heard a loud crunch and left without a vital organ.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” the Prime Minister and the best friend of Putin, Dmitry Medvedev broke his arm and ruined Christmas

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Medvedev threatens to knock out billions of dollars in debt with “ungrateful” of Belarus. Russia retains a large volume of credit support Belarus at the expense of those funds that instead could be used to support our own economy and advised Minsk to appreciate this during the arguments about alliances.

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