Meghan Markle gave handwriting: this will go on all

Меган Маркл выдал почерк: такая пойдет на все

Meghan Markle

Handwriting analysis Meghan Markle in a letter to her father Thomas Markle revealed new evidence about the character of the Duchess of Sussex.

37-year-old Megan Markle immediately after the wedding, wrote a heartfelt letter to his father, Thomas, with a request that he ceased to pursue and persecute through the media. The letter was quite long, written on five sheets. Megan begged his father to stop the harassment, urged him to recover and break her heart a million pieces”.

Intimate correspondence published Hollywood Director, after five friends Markle, at the request of the Duchess, spoke about relations Megan Thomas in an interview to the American magazine. The letter immediately began to analyze all the criteria, ranging from the slant of the letters to the duration of the gap. This writes the Mirror.

Меган Маркл выдал почерк: такая пойдет на все

Although most handwriting experts identified the emotional experiences of Megan, there were professionals, who have accused the Duchess of insincerity.

Yes, Emma Bash claims that the letter is too dramatic and self-absorbed. About it, according to the expert says a large number of initial words. Besides, she noticed the wide and irregular intervals between words, which also speaks of emotional distress because of a quarrel and attention of royalty.

Меган Маркл выдал почерк: такая пойдет на все

Expert handwriting analyst Ruth Myers also revealed traits of the Duchess Seseseko. The analyst immediately pointed out that he feels a deep rift between the writer and the addressee.

She said that Megan, judging by the handwriting, a very emotional nature and capable of deep feelings. However, she is prone to superstition and will criticize anyone who, in its opinion, opposed it. Emotionally insecure, she needs the support of others, says the analyst.

Меган Маркл выдал почерк: такая пойдет на все

At the same time, according to Ruth, cheerful and a public shell, which shows Megan, it’s just the protective armor that the wife of Prince Harry uses to stand against those who seek to humiliate her. According to the analyst, the new representatives of the British Royal family is very poorly developed ability to forgive.

“Having strong likes and dislikes, she responds quickly. She can be defensive and easy to provoke to anger,” says Ruth.

Megan instinctively reacts to an emotional situation by saying words and doing things that really should not be done, and then bitterly regrets it. Myers said that “her orders can have the effect of knife that creates a dislike of it or even adds to her enemies.”

Меган Маркл выдал почерк: такая пойдет на все

Judging by the handwriting, the Duchess prone to drastic mood swings, so it requires order and discipline in all their actions. It does not take into account the opinions of others and can be quite inflexible in relationships. It is not easy to accept new thoughts and points of view that differ from their worldview.

In the style of her writing felt ambitions that helped her become a Hollywood star and attract the attention of a spoiled women of Prince Harry.

“She can arrange their own plans and may be systematic work with ideas, objects or people. Will do anything,” – said the expert.

Меган Маркл выдал почерк: такая пойдет на все

We will remind, five best friends Meghan Markle gave an interview with us publication People.
Girlfriend Megan agreed to talk with reporters only on condition of anonymity, also said that for the first time will tell about the woman you know and love.

As reported by the portal Znayu Meghan Markle went against the Royal tradition.

Also Znayu Duchess Sussexite threatened premature labor.

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