Meizu 16s: live photos of the killer Xiaomi Mi 9 appeared online

Meizu 16s: живые фото убийцы Xiaomi Mi 9 появились в сети

February 21, showed one of the main smartphones of this year. Of course, we are talking about Xiaomi Mi 9, which even the producers themselves compared with iPhone XR, only the cool casing and with the new chips.

However, the smartphone will have a real competitor from Meizu. The company decided to wait for the right moment to introduce your device.

Meizu 16s: живые фото убийцы Xiaomi Mi 9 появились в сети

And now, it seems, was the first real live photo of the upcoming Meizu flagship.

To submit it should be in April. The rumour about the price tag to $ 490, but considering the starting price for Mi 9, maybe Meizu will do a new cheaper. By the way, Meizu 16s finally needs to receive the NFC — CEO vowed. With this chip it is possible to implement a contactless payment.

As for design, as you can see, Meizu is true the actual design, and that’s cool. The screen remained blank, without holes. However, in 2019, this framework is still apparent.

Meizu 16s: живые фото убийцы Xiaomi Mi 9 появились в сети

As for parameters, there will be all right. Will definitely be Snapdragon 855, plenty of memory, camera, think, will be 48 MP is now the trend. The quality of the camera will be appropriate.

Recall that the hackers managed to hack the game Metro Exodus just 5 days after the release of the project. Apparently, the defense worked well, as sales of the game is quite good, and it’s only for 5 days. Now the pirates will be able to download the game for free online.

Earlier Znayu reported that the network has shown a 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019. The laptop from Apple Corporation will get a top-end processor and huge screen. Apparently this model is suitable for those who work in video and photo editors, which need a large space to work.

Znayu wrote that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 began to fall sharply in price. It is reported that at the time he was sold for 30 thousand hryvnias. Now in stores you can find over 20 000 hryvnia.

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