Methods of treatment of cancer of the stomach and kidney in Germany

One of the most common forms of malignant tumors of the digestive system is stomach cancer. Depending on the histological nature and characteristics of spread of the tumor can be located in the thickness of the body wall and in the lumen.
Методы лечения рака желудка и почек в Германии

The initial stage of the disease is characterized by the almost complete absence of symptoms, hence late referral of patients for the treatment of gastric cancer.

For the detection of malignancies in the stomach in its early stages requires special equipment and experience of staff of the medical institution. After the birth the development of the tumor occurs fairly rapidly. The first obvious symptoms are:

  • heartburn, increased acidity;

  • the lack of appetite, nausea, sudden weight loss;

  • vomiting (with internal bleeding vomit have coffee color);

  • darkening of the stool.

Examination and treatment of cancer of the stomach

A comprehensive treatment of the stomach in Germany begins with a thorough examination. It allows you to determine the histology of the tumor and the stage of its development. It uses the most modern methods of diagnosis:

  • gastroscopy, laparoscopy probe;

  • contrast radiography (with barium sulfate);

  • positron emission tomography and computer tomography;

  • videoendoscopy and scintigraphy;

  • the histological study.

The standard method of treatment of gastric cancer in German cancer centers remains surgical intervention. The choice of the type of surgery depends on the extent of the tumor. It can be:

  • dissection of the mucosa endoscopically;

  • sparing laparoscopic surgery;

  • removal of part of the stomach;

  • the total gastrectomy.

To reduce the size of tumors in the treatment of gastric cancer stage 3-4 is used neoadjuvant chemotherapy. In the postoperative period to prevent recurrence practice of adjuvant chemotherapy.

Methods of treatment of kidney cancer

Organ-sparing surgical intervention in the treatment of kidney cancer held on 1-2 stages, when the tumor size is small and there are no metastases. In these cases, the practice of sparing laparoscopic method. At the advanced stage of the disease, resect the body and located about tissue followed by a course of radiation therapy.

With small malignant tumors for the treatment of kidney cancer in Germany often use non-surgical methods, as described here. One of these is radiofrequency ablation. Introduced in the tumor tissue, the electrode radiates high frequency pulses, which increases their temperature. Under the influence of radiation and temperature the cancer cells die.

The treatment of kidney cancer by the method of cryotherapy is based on the influence of low temperatures. The freezing of tissues at temperatures of from -20 to -190°C leads to the death of tumor cells. Postoperative immune therapy to prevent their formation again.

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