Metro: Exodus will make the quality of games to a new level

Metro: Exodus вынесет качество игр на новый уровень

Metro: Exodus

Nvidia and 4A Games confirmed the rumors closely. In particular, the developer of gaming hardware, announced that Metro: Exodus technology will be used Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). It is reported that through collaboration, relevant graphics will get a performance boost, so the game will just “fly” on highest settings, if your PC is powerful enough for this.

Metro: Exodus вынесет качество игр на новый уровень

The technology of ray tracing in real-time (RTX) will be in the release version of Metro: Exodus. Moreover, it is used in the game, both for external and for indirect lighting. It should be noted that competitors in the game in terms of coverage simply does not.

But on the DLSS, nothing is known, except that it definitely adds. This technology should provide more advanced anti-aliasing, thus relieving the system, as for her latest Nvidia highlighted its computational kernel. In theory, DLSS can improve performance up to 50%, but in games it is not yet used anywhere. Let’s see whether the manufacturer of components for the PC to present something really interesting, not just stranded digits in test performance.

Metro: Exodus вынесет качество игр на новый уровень

Recall that the digital music service Spotify is planning to block the accounts of millions of users. Apparently, the company does not want users turned on the ad blocker. Yes, this service provides advertising for users of the free version. It is worth noting that these users are clearly more than a million.

Earlier Znayu reported that Xiaomi company has patented an unusual display that has no cutouts or holes in the display. Instead, the two frontal cameras will be placed at the corners of the upper part of the display, and look like they will be unnoticed.

Znayu wrote that the Sony PlayStation 5 again surprised users. It is reported that the new console generation is able to work with projects that were created in previous generations of consoles. This means that the Sony PlayStation 4 can safely throw it out the window.

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