Metro prepares its employees in the Quebec region for more severe confinement

Metro Richelieu, which owns the Metro, Super C and Marché Richelieu grocery stores, is preparing its employees in the Capitale-Nationale region for a tightening of confinement which would involve surveillance of movements between the residence and the workplace by the forces of ‘order.
C es days, the wholesaler delivered a letter to employees so that every worker or worker concerned is “authorized (e) by the police or local authorities to travel between their residence and workplace.”

The “access letter for workers providing essential services” is signed by Metro Richelieu’s safety and resilience director, Marc Lapointe. The Sun got a copy.

As COVID-19 cases continue to multiply in Quebec, Metro Richelieu has taken steps to ensure that its workers can continue to circulate if the government also restricts travel in the Capitale-Nationale region.

Geneviève Grégoire, spokesperson for Metro, indicates by email that this is a precaution implemented following the limitation of comings and goings in 12 regions of Quebec and the declaration of the state of health emergency in Montreal. For the moment, the Capitale-Nationale region is not affected by such travel restrictions.

“Obviously, we take our essential service role seriously and want to ensure that we maintain our services to the public in our food stores and pharmaceutical establishments,” writes Ms. Grégoire. Metro also has pharmacies, notably under the Jean Coutu and Brunet banners.

After closing eight regions of Quebec on Saturday, the Legault government added four territories on Wednesday at noon to its list of places where the whereabouts will be limited by police checks on the roads.

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