Michelle Obama said that he had been crying for half an hour after the “move” from the White house

The wife of the 44th US President, Barack Obama, shared his opinion about Donald trump and his last days in the White house.

Мишель Обама рассказала, что проплакала полчаса после «переезда» из Белого дома

Michelle Obama was a guest on “Late show with Stephen Colbert”, which told the audience many interesting things from his life after the last presidential election in the United States. The former first lady said that during their stay in the White house, the whole family tried to keep up and be an example for the whole nation even to the detriment of their interests. However, to become a full part of the House and could not due to the fact that in many respects did not meet the standards of the highest level elite.

But in an interview with Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama admitted that he cried for half an hour in the plane after the “move” from the White house. There were several reasons. First, the woman didn’t want to leave the place where she lived for 8 years. And secondly, she believes that Americans have made not the best choice, they voted for Donald trump. It should be noted that Michelle Obama is not the first time criticizes the lack of moral responsibility in the political course of the new American President. The woman constantly draws Parallels with Barack Obama and admits that she surprised the political preferences of citizens of the United States. She calls his words of Donald trump the truth, not revenge objectionable rival, and believes that someone, like Obama, will soon take the presidency.