Microsoft gave Skype megabrutal “stuffing”: you have to test it

Microsoft подарил Skype мегакрутую "начинку": вы должны ее протестировать

Microsoft has announced the release of a major update for Skype for Web with a ton of “improvements”. Web this version now contains a large number of new functions that came along with Skype 8.

To try out the updated Skype can only users of Windows and macOS 10 10.12 and exclusively browsers and Chrome Edge. For those who prefer Firefox, Safari and Opera, Microsoft offers to use desktop application. Microsoft says, will there be added support for other browsers.

Microsoft подарил Skype мегакрутую "начинку": вы должны ее протестировать

Skype failed

The list of innovations Skype for Web:

  • Video calls in HD;
  • Call recording allows you to record special moments of a conversation on Skype with your loved ones or record important meetings with colleagues;
  • The notification bar, which will help to catch up;
  • Search for conversations. Now you can easily find messages in the current conversation, typing a word or phrase you want to find in the search box;
  • Added media gallery chat will help to find an important image, sent a few weeks ago.

It should be noted that Skype for Web for several years is under beta testing. A fresh update to the web version of Skype may hint at the imminent public debut.

Microsoft подарил Skype мегакрутую "начинку": вы должны ее протестировать

Recallthat Skype users from around the world on the morning of Wednesday, February 20, announced the failures of the program. This is evidenced by the operational data service Downdetector, which tracks the number of errors of popular sites and programs around the world.

Mainly the problem has been observed in USA and Japan. About the problems reported by users from Canada, Peru, Chile, Portugal, UK, Netherlands, Cambodia, Singapore, the Philippines and other countries. However, which side the error is still unknown.

Microsoft подарил Skype мегакрутую "начинку": вы должны ее протестировать

In particular, it is known that most of them fails when logging in to the application (75%), 13% reported problems with receiving messages, 11% – about failures during the voice calls.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Xiaomi made MIUI firmware update 10 for their smartphones.

Znayu wrote that Google Chrome failed. Now the users of some extensions refuse to work. The fact that Google is conducting the experiment, and used it as a users browser.

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